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Drive Mad

Welcoming you to Drive Mad, a driving game in 3D that is mobile-friendly meaning you can play on smartphones, computers and tablets too however, it is more than that, it’s also a puzzle game simultaneously as well as a game of skills in that it’s your brain and abilities required to be able to drive safely regardless of whether the title suggests you drive in a frenzied manner. If you behave in this manner then a crash is inevitable, there’s no doubt about it!


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You’re in a world of blocks, and the vehicles that you drive resembling toys, particularly when you crash them. fall, as you observe them explode into pieces. Based on the requirements of the level the trucks may come in different shapes and sizes.


Every level comes with different tasks that includes crossing over water, crashing brick walls and using bridges to get across safely, and so on. Click or tap and hold to the right to move forward then do similar to the left if you would like to reverse your progress on the course.


Sometimes, you’ll need to keep the truck balanced both forward and backwards so that you can pass difficult spots. So find out the most efficient method to drive. And when you’ve failed in one area make sure you don’t make the same mistake again. Have fun, be safe and have a great time! we wish you the best!