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Age of War: Prehistoric

Hello and welcome to Age of War: Prehistoric one of the most exciting new defense and strategy games that includes war, which has made it onto our site which is where we have all enjoyed the most enjoyable time from top to bottom while playing as well as creating it. We’re aware the awe-inspiring appeal of the format of Age of War Games is and we tried our best to recreate the sensation, by introducing new graphics and animations as well as of exciting levels!


Be prepared to survive through the Age of War in Prehistoric times!

By using the mouse, you can click on various kinds of characters and classes of soldiers located at the bottom left of the screen. They will send them to the outside to take on the dinosaurs invading your home. You will need to defeat them with more troops in order to be victorious Naturally.


When you take on your foes, you generate more meat. That meat is utilized to build new troops. They must be fed naturally, and with different types of food items dependent on the type of character in which you create fighters that have more power in the future.


As you progress through the levels, you’ll also be able produce more meat as the dinosaurs increase in size which means you need to upgrade your troops too. We wish you all the best, and would love to meet you again, and we’ll are always bursting with new games to play!