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Raft Wars

Raft Wars is one of the most thrilling games that was released on our website that will test your precision and agility. In this game, you’ll require these skills because only you will be able to complete your mission with success. In this game, you have to assist the man on the raft take out pirates who are planning to strike. You must pull the pirates away before they reach you , otherwise you will get lost, you must begin again. There is a limit to the number of projectiles and bullets that require great care so that you can eliminate enemies in a matter of strokes. In this game, you require only a mouse, and you will have to choose the angle and the force with the which you shoot. Do your best to eliminate pirates in a short amount of time in order to score more points and thus can be among the top tier of players. As you move up to higher levels, it will become more difficult to achieve your goal, therefore you must work hard. Try your best to get to an elite group of pack of players, as only you can demonstrate to everyone that you are capable of.