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Om Nom Connect Classic

Om Nom Connect Classic is a brand-new puzzle game that features this beloved internet-based character that you shouldn’t be being missing out on any other thing in the world, as you’d only miss out on the chance to enjoying yourself, naturally and we’re here to tell you that , with the entire games that feature Om Nom Connect Classic, you will have fun!

Play Connect Classic on Om Nom!

Make use of your mouse to click two similar items that are either free or adjacent to one another. after that you will see them disappear, by the method you will need remove all items visible on the screen. the quicker you get it done the more efficient.

In the first place, since you’re playing against the clock in addition, the more time you’ve remaining on the clock after you’re done the more points you get as bonuses.

Additionally, you can play the shuffle function five times per total and search three times, so you should try making these changes only when absolutely required. Have fun, be safe and stay tuned for more entertainment!