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Hello Neighbor Alpha 4

Hello Neighbor Alpha 4 is the latest entry in this category that we’re certain that you will enjoy a of a lot, since it’s fan-made games inspired by One of the more adored games in the Indie sphere over the last few years. Its sequel is set to launch in the near future, so this game will keep us and you curious until the moment it drops!

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The game is designed to recreate the feeling of playing the fourth beta version by utilizing the Kogama environment. In this game, you are either as a member that includes the main character or one of the neighbours and become an avatar that is akin to one of these characters.

What you’ll then do is to go through the town trying to eliminate members of the opposing team, and also aim to get to the flag. Move using WASD and jump using space, run using shift and the mouse to interact , but also strike. If you discover valuable items or weapons you can grab them and make use of them.

We wish you all the best and good luck. best wishes to you everyone, and we look forward to seeing you back for more enjoyment to come. It is a shame not to take a look at our awesome content!