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Garfield Scary Scavenger

Garfield is the adored cartoon cat with the orange color who loves lasagne, finds himself in yet another bind. Garfield might be the stoic character in his endless adventure together with Jon and Odie However, this doesn’t mean that he’s invulnerable to being scared.


Click Your Way Through Fun Mini-Games and Puzzles

Use the simple direction arrows on the bottom of the screen to direct Garfield through the house that is haunted. When you go from room to area, you can utilize your mouse click various objects in each room in order to engage with them.


We must however beware:


Be Careful What You Click!

The primary mechanic in Garfield Scary Scavenger is scare-o-meter at the lower left on the display. The Scare-O-Meter is filled up and will result in you losing the game. Although you must interact with various objects that are in the background while you explore the mansion, there are some items which aren’t as helpful. We do not want to ruin any of the most thrilling scares that you can get by telling what to not click, but we are able to remind you that not everything is as it appears.


Fortunately, you won’t go without assistance:


Helpful Thoughts From Garfield Himself

You’ll never be alone while trying to figure out what you should do next. Garfield’s thoughts and feelings will be projected as tips in the upper right corner of the game’s screen.


“I believe I have heard something from the other cell.”


“There’s something there however I’m unable to discern anything.”


Make use of Garfield’s thought process to guide your through the challenge, without giving you instructions on what to do. This is a game of puzzles at the end of the day!


Find Useful Items and Collect All The Items To Win!

When you walk through the mansion that is haunted, you’ll encounter numerous puzzles. Utilize items that you can find in the house, like keys, bones or even a newspaper to help you move forward. Find all the items on the left-hand side of the screen in order to take home the prize.


Once you’ve figured out what you’re in for Play Garfield Scary Scavenger with us and aid our favorite orange cat conquer his fear!