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Friday Night Funkin

The Friday Night Funkin’ (fnf) is a game of musical rhythm invented by Ninjamuffin99. This game requires you to must to impress your ex-rockstar father by your musical skills! You have to survive several weeks of freestyle fights to win his love. Make use of the arrow keys with the music in order to beat your rivals. In the story mode, you must to mimic your opponent’s voice using WASD as well as Arrow keys. The first songs begin with a simple beat, but they become much more complicated as you progress to duos being introduced. Additionally, you can enjoy the play mode for free and experience all the awesome beats and characters that this game offers. You are free to alter the difficulty according to your preference and begin slaying!

What to do:
Use the WASD or the arrow keys to match the music to beat your competitors. Finish the tutorial and then begin to progress through the story. You can also go to the free play mode to take on any of the story characters in the game. In the story mode, you have the option to choose the difficulty level that is most suitable for your abilities.
Control of volume Control of volume “+” and “+” to increase or decrease in volume “0” in order to muffle
Enter a code in the box.
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Information about the author:
The Friday Night Funkin’ is an open-source project with a lively community of developers who create fan-made mods that enhance the gaming experience. It was created by:

ninjamuffin99 – Programmer
PhantomArcade3K as well as Evilsk8r – Art
Kawai Sprite – Musician
It’s their debut game for Poki! You can donate to the creators here , and also check the Kickstarter page for more details.

Friday Night Funkin’s music was written by KawaiSprite (Isaac Garcia). The original soundtrack with an array of influences ranging including nu-jazz and Vocaloid music for dance. You can visit Kawai Sprite’s Bandcamp page where you can stream the whole soundtrack.